Foreign job fair held in Sherpur TTC-ShottoBoyan

Foreign job fair held in Sherpur TTC-ShottoBoyan

Sherpur Correspondent:A foreign job fair was held at the Sherpur Technical Training Center (TTC) at Ganpaddi in Nakla upazila of Sherpur district.

The job fair was organized at Sherpur TTC with the slogan of “Call for Mujib Year, go abroad efficiently”. This will open the fate of many unemployed men.

At least 1,000 Bangladeshi male workers will get the golden opportunity to work indoors and outdoors in Saudi Arabia at the cost fixed by the government.

The recruitment test (oral) begins at the office room of Sherpur TTC to select experienced or inexperienced workers between the ages of 21 to 35 years old, who want to go to Saudi Arabia as workers for indoors and outdoors.

Sherpur TTC chief Instructor SM Azhar took the oral test of the unemployed men who want to go to Saudi Arabia at the cost fixed by the government.

DM and AD Ikramun Nahar of Jamalpur district, Principal of Sherpur TTC Mirza Firoz Hasan and other officials of the TTC were also present.

Nakla upazila Awami League general secretary FF Shafiqul Islam Zinnah inspected the recruitment process. Upazila AL office secretary Khalilur Rahman, publication secretary Abdur Rasid Sarker, Nakla Press Club vice president Khandaker Jasim Uddin Minto, organizational secretary Md Nur Hossain and others members of the press club, many unemployed men who wanted to go to Saudi Arabia and others official of the TTC were present.

It is learned that Jusur Imdad Company, an organization of the famous “Olayan” group in Saudi Arabia, will employ indoor cleaners and outdoor factory helpers in addition to the government-announced immigration expenses and intermediaries.

A selected company called Max Management and Services will be in charge of visa processing and overall supervision of the selected employees.

Candidates have to undergo Gamka Medical at their own cost within 5 working days of being confirmed by the office. Submit your passport, 10 copies of passport size photo on white background, police clearance and Gamka Medical Fitness Report to the office.

Candidates must be ready to join their respective workplaces within 30 days of receiving the visa. The selected candidate is required to obtain a certificate of full dose of Corona Virus (COVID-19) approved by Saudi Arabia.

In particular, if the company’s agent’s hotline number 096-6008 is used to contact any number other than this number, the authorities will not take any responsibility or will not be held responsible if they are deceived or obstructed in going abroad.

Employees who travel to Saudi Arabia through this job fair will receive Iqama, accommodation, medical insurance and travel expenses from the company. Employees can work in any branch of the company except Najran in Saudi Arabia. Employees have to stay at work for 8 hours every day. Besides, 1 hour will be allotted for prayers and food.

According to the rules of the company, you may have to work overtime. The workers will receive a fixed salary of 900 Saudi riyals per month, including 200 Saudi riyals for food.

The term of the contract will be 2 years. At the end of the contract period, employees will receive a return air ticket from the company. However, if the workers want, the period can be extended and the visa can be renewed, the principal of Sherpur TTC added.

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